An ‘Upstander’ East Rockaway student


The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County has recognized East Rockaway High School senior Lindsay Dower as a person who is dedicated to fighting prejudice, intolerance, and bullying.

Lindsay’s grandmother is a Holocaust survivor, and it was from her that Lindsay first learned of the grave consequences of intolerance. Lindsay’s drive to fight prejudice stems from this early knowledge. She has turned her frustration with intolerance and bullying into action. Whenever Lindsay hears abuse in any form, she steps in and speaks up.

Her most powerful tool, however, is education. Lindsay has sought to teach others through writing, volunteering, and activism. She founded “Big Buddies,” a school group that fosters understanding and connection between special needs and mainstream students. She and her friends have also reached out to those affected by Hurricane Sandy and the Newtown tragedy.

  “Lindsay’s efforts closely parallel those of our Center,” said Sarah Cushman, Ph.D., the organizations’ director of youth education. “She understands that out of tragedy can come lessons about how we treat one another. In fact, Lindsay was one of the people greatly affected by the hurricane, yet her efforts to reach out to others continue unabated.”

  Each month the Center accepts nominations from teachers, civic leaders, family and friends of a Long Island youth that has implemented the Center’s mission by advocating respect for all people. The student’s action as an “Upstander” could be one of intervention or prevention. To nominate a student for “Upstander of the Month” or learn more, or call (516) 571-8040 ext. 106. For more information about the Center, visit