Arts from the Heart: Songs for survivors

Lynbrook St. James United Methodist Church hosts fundraiser


The St. James United Methodist Church in Lynbrook hosted its annual “Arts from the Heart” songfest.

In light of the devastation left behind in the communities by Hurricane Sany, the theme this year was “Songs for Survivors, which included “How Can I Keep from Singing;” Gonna Build a Mountain,” and “I’m a Survivor.” The cast included Andrew Schwartz, Pam Murano, Barbara Carroll, Chris Tarpinian, Gary Dana, Tracy Keanna, Roy Schmitt, Linda Bakal, Mary Malloy, and Yvonne Augustin. The show was produced and directed by Jean Stevenson, who accompanied many of the performers on the piano.

“Arts from the Heart was great fun in 2013,” Stevenson said, “just like last year. All the musicians delivered in a big way. The best thing was [that] we made a nice amount to give to our cause, and that was the point.”