Collected words of wisdom for the new year

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“Shop locally, and support businesses that support our communities. I often ask people, when they come into my store soliciting contributions for their worthy causes, how they made out at Roosevelt Field, Green Acres or online, and they always have the same answer: ‘We can’t get any contributions there because nobody has the authority to give away contributions.’ Then doesn’t it make sense to support local community businesses?”
Bill Gaylor, president, Lynbrook Chamber of Commerce

“When horrific things like Hurricane Sandy and Newtown happen, we rally together as a community to pray, donate, volunteer or just be friendlier to our neighbors. We should act this way every day, and not just when there is disaster or senseless violence.”
Todd Weinstein, Friends of Barnum Woods Elementary School, East Meadow

“To seek each day for our thoughts to be honorable, our words to be kind and sincere and our deeds to be good and generous and compassionate. A small way to build Heaven on Earth.”
The Rev. Brenda Overfield, rector, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, Valley Stream

“Encourage a friend or family member to take care of themselves through healthy eating habits and exercise. By helping someone else, you will naturally be helping yourself at the same time.”
Gary Schall, superintendent, Lawrence schools

“All of us need to start really caring about each other. It’s about going a little bit out of your way to do something nice to show your neighbor that you care about them. If you care about your community — and not what your community can give you — then your neighborhood takes care of you.”
Helen Meittinis, president, Community Association of Stewart Avenue, Salisbury

“Although technology is advancing rapidly, and we are all becoming accustomed to its ability to connect us, our goal should be to maintain our personal physical contact, eye contact and spoken voice rather than via texting and email — and definitely no texting while driving or crossing busy streets!”
Jeffrey Biegel, concert pianist and composer, Lynbrook

“In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, we all must remember how important it is to help one another and care, regardless of how different we thought we were.”
Dr. Edward Fale, superintendent, Valley Stream District 24

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