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East Rockaway's 100 Club really scores!


East Rockaway School district students recently entered the 100 Club for Cardiovascular Fitness by performing over 100 pacer laps in our physical education program. The PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) is the aerobic capacity test in FITNESSGRAM and is a multistage fitness test adapted from the 20-meter shuttle run test.

The test is progressive in intensity, easier at the beginning and it gets harder at the end. The progressive nature of the test provides a built-in warm-up and helps students to pace themselves effectively. The test has also been set to music to create a valid, fun alternative to the customary distance run test for measuring aerobic capacity.

First place Jonathan Schloth is a two-time record holder of 158 pacer laps. Following were,Matt Barbaro and Tara O’Connor, Chris Amabile, Katherin Umana and Emily Topielski Gina Skelly Billy Humes, Gerard Claxon, Demetria Vita and Tiffani Parente