He's on the 'Bright Side of the Road'

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  A testament to this is how Payton, now 14, took it upon herself to write a letter to President Obama. He was so touched by her letter that he invited her to meet him at Ground Zero for a wreath-laying ceremony. She said by being there she was honoring her commitment to her father’s memory. 

“My father is the reason we came together today,” she said at the ceremony. “I miss and love him, and not a day goes by without [me] thinking about him. This day will help me move on.” 

Diane, Avery and her best friend Madison, who also lost her Father on Sept. 11, shared the honors. “We were all amazed but not surprised that Payton did this. It is so like her father. I could almost hear Glen chuckling and saying, “Way to go … that’s my girl, love you so much, and miss you too. I am with you always.”

We see Glen in Payton and Avery all the time. Glen’s sister (also named Diane) said it best: “As much as we all miss Glen, we are so grateful to have Diane, Payton and Avery in our lives and we see so much of Glen’s spirit, humor and competitiveness in them — but especially important is their love and closeness to Family and friends.

  Glen believed in living everyday to the fullest, whether it be his disciplined work ethics, excelling in sports, being there for a friend  in need, raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation or Boomer Esiason’s Golf Tournament for Cystic Fibrosis. Glen’s true passion was simply entertaining and sharing fun and happy times with everyone and wanting nothing for himself nor any acknowledgement for his enormous success and accomplishments.


A message to Glen

Glen, we lost you suddenly that day, and all our hearts were broken once again — but know you are with Daddy. Your being together is my only consolation, but the pain never goes away. We are certain you and Daddy are sitting on the “Bright Side of The Road,” listening to Van Morrison along with all of your closest friends, Matt O’Mahony, who was also Avery’s Godfather, Jim Kelly, Tim O’Brien, Farrell and Sean Lynch, Eamon McEneaney, Jason Cefalu and so many more. I can see all of you enjoying basketball, telling jokes, playing pranks on one another and laughing while still always watching over us. You all are our Guardian Angels and are missed every single day.

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