Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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A small businessman himself, Romano runs an international freight business. He deals with hard demands, logistics and planning every day. As a vital part of Mayor Fran Lenahan’s team, he has become a force to be reckoned with. He knows how to manage a budget and reduce debt, two things that the Lenahan administration has done very well.  Before Hurricane Sandy struck our area, Romano focused on accomplishing what the Lenahan administration said they’d do: cut taxes, repair our ailing infrastructure, fix our parks and expand the recreation department.
  But Mother Nature had a different plan. Romano was in Village Hall for days at a time during Sandy, monitoring the storm’s impact and after-effects on our community.  He worked around the clock with Lenahan and village and county emergency management officials to bring the needed relief to hard-hit areas. Once the storm subsided, Bruno organized a massive relief effort from out-of-state supplies; clothing and food were driven into the community for needy families and seniors.
  Romano cares about our community, and we, in turn, appreciate all of his efforts. Living up to promises is one thing; going above and beyond is another.  That’s why I’m proud to support Bruno Romano for re-election as village trustee and deputy mayor.
Edward J. Schenk
East Rockaway

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