Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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Also, the three subjects that Kremer minimizes as less than scandals are important for a free society to get answers to. Do the loved ones of those government employees killed in Benghazi deserve answers as to what really happened? Do conservative individuals and organization deserve equal treatment from the IRS vs. what liberal groups received? Does our Constitution allow the federal government to snoop into our personal life because the administration may disagree with their opinions or reporting?

All we are getting is stonewalling from the IRS, the State Department and the Justice Department (plus the Fifth Amendment from the IRS) and the president seems to be totally detached from everything.

Does he really know what is going on, or is he playing “gotcha” with the American people?

If Obama or Hillary Clinton let U.S. citizens die in Benghazi, that’s a scandal. We deserve to know what really happened.

Dan Donovan

Lido Beach

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