Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

Feb. 14-20, 2013


Doesn’t want a Suozzi comeback

To the Editor:
This is my rebuttal to Lauren Summa’s letter (“Hoping for Suozzi return,” Jan 24-30), which was filled with numerous inaccuracies. As a young person, she obviously does not own a home. As such, she was not aware or chooses to ignore the fact that as Nassau County executive, Tom Suozzi raised property taxes promptly at the beginning of his term and several times during his eight-year administration, capped by implementing the home energy tax prior to his defeat.
Ed Mangano was God-sent to Nassau County residents with respect to taxes. His first critical legislation was the repeal of the home energy tax, which would have been a duplicate payment in addition to monthly electric, gas and heating oil bills. In addition, Mangano eliminated the 16.5 percent planned property tax hike and held the line on property taxes during his first four years as county executive. He also stopped a fast-food tax and cut wasteful spending by $200 million plus.
With respect to the New York Islanders, who chose to relocate to the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn at the expiration of their contract, Mangano wanted to renovate the Nassau Coliseum, but Nassau County residents voted down his proposal to borrow money to rebuild the arena and he is currently exploring other options.
The consolidation of the police precincts was also motivated by reducing expenses and freeing policemen to patrol the streets instead of holding down desk jobs. The Mangano administration should be commended for fixing the broken property tax assessment system, which has accumulated $1.6 billion in debt owed by residents.
It is unfortunate that the Democratic-controlled NIFA board did not support Mangano’s accomplishments, but stood in the way of progress. Shame on them.

Zenaida Mata-Edwards
Valley Stream

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