Teen’s film looks at moral character


During the winter months, major Hollywood film studios often release more serious movies with deep moral questions in preparation of awards season. But critically acclaimed Hollywood directors aren’t the only ones looking at peoples’ moral character, because so too is a Long Island teenager.

Devon Narine-Singh, a 15-year-old from East Northport, recently completed his most ambitious film project to date called Redemption. The film was inspired by famous directors like Woody Allen, Roman Polanski and Victor Salva, who have each come under fire for decisions they’ve made or laws they’ve broken, yet still work in the film industry. Redemption is the story of a young actress who lands a big role in a film but finds out the director is a sex offender. She must decide is she’s a good person for taking the role even if that means working with a man who’s done terrible things in the past.

One of the actors in the film, Jake Pellegrino, graduated from East Rockaway High School last year and now attends Nassau Community College. “It was an amazing experience because I got to get a taste of what it is like being on a movie set and acting,” he said. “I’ve always had a passion for film and this was my first opportunity to live it out.”

Redemption was shot in one day at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington. Narine-Singh said he came up with the idea for the film in September and then shot it in December after finding the right actors and location.

Narine-Singh has always had an interest in film dating back to first grade. His first film project came in seventh grade, but he added that this project is a big step forward for him because of its subject matter. “Film is the love of my life,” he said.

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