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Friday, May 27, 2016
Randi Kreiss
The storm put the president and the public to the test

The most stunning image I saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy was a YouTube video of a huge carp hanging from a pole in the parking lot of the Woodmere Middle School on Peninsula Boulevard. The carp came in with the tides from the canals that flooded school property.

By last Thursday morning, the parking lot was drying out and the school was open and available for people who needed hot showers. Which sounds more bizarre, folks taking showers at the school or 10-pound fish swimming through the parking lot?

I was able to access YouTube because I wasn’t directly caught up in the storm. I was in Florida, dealing with storm damage to our condo from this summer’s torrential rain on the Gulf Coast. Same theme; different location.

Still, my heart and thoughts were in New York, where my sister stayed in my Long Island home through the storm. For a day and a half we couldn’t make contact, but then the power came back on and she called. Everything was fine. The house wasn’t damaged. We’re just blocks from Woodmere Bay and the Woodmere Docks, where the devastation was catastrophic, so we were very lucky. My husband and I made our way home as soon as we could.

In the days after the storm, my home became a shelter for friends and family who needed a hot shower or a dry bed for a night or two. In the blustery cold, we had heat. One friend who was without heat asked to bring her tortoise, Buddy, who’s sensitive to cold. Since we had power, people charged their phones and reached out to reassure their loved ones. All around the community, neighbors were trying to dry out basements and remove debris from backyards. Boats were stranded on lawns and walkways all around the Woodmere Docks.

Another video showed water sweeping over the docks, even two days after the storm passed. Those docks have history, going back to bootlegger days and World War II civilian watch patrols. In my time, there was a dock house and rowboats that we could rent for an hour of fishing. When I was in high school, the docks were the designated lovers’ lane for kids who had cars. Local police and our parents closed one eye to the heavy breathing and took comfort in the fact that they knew where we were.


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Nice to see that Governor Christie's word is gospel. You can not be taken seriously. It's a dangerous practice, and it's an example of why the country is so divided, for one to see zero fault in one side, and zero good in the other. That's the way it is. Show me, Mrs. Kreiss, where Mit Romney stated that he wanted to come to NJ for a photo opportunity. If you make such a remark, you need to show proof. The fact of the matter is that it's just your opinion. Just as anyone could ask where Mr. Obama was when Long Islanders and Staten Islanders were suffering. You heard Chris Matthews, an Obama lackey, make the remark that he was glad that the storm occurred. Remember? He's likely one of the guys you like. Of course he didn't mean that he was pleased about the suffering, but he believed it was an opportunity for the President to gain some points, which he may or may not have done. I have a question, Mrs. Kreiss. Mr. Obama said he created 5,000,000 jobs. Do you believe that to be true? He said it over and over, but the math disproves this. I ask because you stated that he always tells the truth. Do you believe the assertion that he created 5,000,000 jobs? He's a fraud. He's just very fortunate that the opponent was nothing special, and that the people in the country are moved by style rather than substance. If the country is to ever be united again, people like you will be no help, because you want division, you want one voice, one direction, etc.

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