Time again for Tutor Time

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Now upon entering our center, you are welcomed with warm smiles and cheery good mornings to start your day. The sounds of children’s happy voices once again fill our classrooms. Our teachers approach each day with loving enthusiasm that is reflected on each child every day. Our center, after being completely refurbished, houses the latest technology with Smart boards and computers, giving our children an edge for kindergarten. Creative and innovative educational tools are available to explore each day, and we offer many special programs such as creative movement, music, piano, gymnastics and soccer lessons to enhance our program.
You can always count on special events like our art show, world read night and celebrating the Week of The Young Child, as is shown in these photos. This has been and will continue to be a weeklong event dedicated to celebrating our children. During this week, we encourage multi-culturism by sharing posters about the children’s ethnic backgrounds that will be displayed for all to see. Personal family treasures from their various heritages were shared during show and tell. One highlight of the week was Workout Wednesday, promoting healthy eating and physical fitness, a vital part of our Tutor Time Grow Fit program. To initiate this event we created an obstacle course and participated in relay races. The children enjoyed and exceled at this special event. We handed out Tutor Time Week of The Young Child t-shirts to the children and staff and ended the week with an Ice Cream Sunday party for all.
Tutor Time of East Rockaway reopened in January with only a 115 families. Presently we have grown to more than 175 wonderful families. When faced with unrecognizable devastation, a person’s true character is revealed. All of the people connected with Tutor time showed great resolve, but more importantly our community exemplified uncanny support and courage. We plan to instill these attributes through the development of the children we educate. Tutor Time would like to thank all who have contributed to this rebuilding process from the bottom of our hearts.
“We are grateful to all our families for their loyalty to Tutor Time,” said Fedner, “and we are committed to provide outstanding care and educational excellence for our community. We look forward to the upcoming year and the future success of Tutor Time.”

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