Village Car Service ready to roll

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Village Car Service filed suit against the village in September, claiming that the new regulations made it virtually impossible for the company to do business there, and that Lynbrook Chief of Police Joseph Neve should authorize Giordano to approve the taxi stand license, not the village board. Nassau County Supreme Court Judge Jeffrey Brown denied Village Car Service’s petition in a ruling in November. “It is the determination of this court that it is the mayor and village board — not the police chief — who have the authority in the first instance to authorize the license to park taxi vehicles at the MTA facility …,” Brown wrote in his ruling.

In August, O’Neill sent a letter to Giordano stating that Village Car Service had secured a new office, at 416 Sunrise Highway, between Broadway and Atlantic Avenue, and that it was in compliance with the new code. Building Superintendent Brian Stanton and Neve measured the distance from the office’s front door to the parking spaces at the station, and determined that it was 496 feet. Therefore, Giordano said, Village Car Service’s licenses to use the five spaces would be approved.

In September, All Island Transportation — also known as Global Administration Services LLC — obtained a restraining order in Nassau County Supreme Court that prohibited Village Car Service from using the spaces. All Island also filed suit against the MTA, claiming that the decision to award Village Car Service the five spaces was “arbitrary and capricious,” but the claim was denied by Supreme Court Judge Thomas Adams in October. All Island will still maintain its taxi stand under the LIRR trestle, but will not be able to park its cabs there.

O’Neill sent the endorsed licenses to the MTA on Tuesday, and his attorney, Adam Glassman, said that the MTA would give All Island 30 days’ written notice to vacate the five parking spaces, and finalize the licensing agreement with Village Car Service.

“I feel honored and privileged to be able to serve the residents of the village and the commuters,” O’Neill said.

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