Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

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Mixing Toms
To the Editor:
Steve Grogan of Lynbrook seems to have his Toms mixed up (“Democrat too young to know?” Feb. 7-13).
In criticizing former County Executive Tom Suozzi, he forgets that Suozzi inherited from his predecessor, Tom Gulotta, “the worst run county in the nation,” according to Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.
Suozzi fixed a county that was on the precipice of bankruptcy by cutting waste, reducing the county’s payroll and winning concessions from labor. Within his first year as county executive, Nassau went from a $428 million deficit to a balanced budget, and the county went on to receive seven consecutive bond-rating increases.
Suozzi’s successor, Ed Mangano, will be remembered for losing the Lighthouse project and the Islanders, the fiasco at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant and mysterious budget surpluses that appear to be accounting party tricks.
While Suozzi may have had his faults, I’m sure most Nassau residents who have been paying attention will agree that things were better when he was in charge in Mineola.

Ellis Simon
Oceanside Democratic Club

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