Blaze damages Elmont car repair shop

Worker is hospitalized after fire races through garage


A fire at a car repair shop at 245 Linden Boulevard in Elmont last Saturday severely damaged the building and three cars, and left a 42-year-old mechanic hospitalized, Nassau County police said.

According to the Arson and Bomb Squad, the fire began at 9:35 a.m., when two employees attempted to remove the gas tank of a car in the shop. Gasoline splashed onto one of the worker’s clothes, and the flames spread to his hands and arms. He was taken to the Nassau University Medical Center’s Burn Center by helicopter, and sustained second- and third-degree burns.

Police said that the Elmont Fire Department responded with 50 firemen. Chief David Ragusa told the Herald that Assistant Chief Brian Schriefer requested additional units when he arrived at the scene, because the fire was spreading quickly to other cars and to the building itself.

“The fire was particularly difficult due to the accumulation of auto parts and the fact that a vehicle was up on a hydraulic lift,” Ragusa said. “However, with the rapid response and excellent work by all, the fire was extinguished.”

The Nassau County fire marshal’s office was investigating the cause of the fire early this week.