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New 5-phase approach


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Over the last two years, Dr. Bo’s Diet has undergone major changes. They have programs that utilize medication, and those that do not. Each program is custom-tailored to every patients’ unique needs. A 5-Phase approach consists of four phases in the first 16 weeks, and a fifth for maintenance, which runs for a year. Today’s focus, while still very keen on rapid weight loss in the short term, concentrates more on long-term sustainable weight loss. The program is broken down as follows.

During the first two days of the program, Phase 1, or “The Loading Phase,” patients are instructed to indulge in foods high in fat. This prepares the body for the “Adaptation Period,” to alleviate the common challenges of the first week of dieting (such as hunger). By doing this, the body will look to the short term stores of energy found in the liver and suppress the appetite in the first four to five days of the “real” diet.

Phase 2, “The Jumpstart Phase,” lasts three to six weeks. It produces rapid yet safe weight loss (such as a half to one pound per day), getting the patient to a healthier weight quickly. Their nutritional staff helps estimate what the individual can expect to lose before they make a commitment to join the program.

If the person still has weight to lose, they will continue to lose weight in Phase 3. However, the primary objective in Phase 3, “The Metabolic Phase” is to reset the patient’s metabolism, undoing metabolic abuse which allows him or her to ultimately eat foods they enjoy (in moderation) without weight gain. Years of metabolic abuse, from yo-yo dieting, obesity and eating off schedule, adds to a person’s inability to manage weight long-term even if they make healthier choices. Phase 3 eliminates that reality.

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