Solages focuses on bipartisanship upon return to seat

Following second election victory, legislator outlines objectives


Democrat Carrie Solages, who was returned for the second consecutive time to the County Legislature to represent the reshaped 3rd Legislative District by voters last week, was brief in his celebration and elaborate in his goals following formal announcement of his triumph over Republican challenger Naomie Jean-Philippe. Solages was re-elected with 70 percent of the total vote.

Solages, 34, of Elmont, said on Election Day that he was glad L.D. 3 residents were able to see that he is a serious candidate and that his victory in 2011 over longtime incumbent John Ciotti was not a fluke. Solages told the Herald in the days that followed about his goals for the District and how he plans to remain steadfast in his representation.

“I want the people of our district to understand that I am a County legislator, for all of our constituents, first, and a Democrat second,” Solages said. “As a collaborative and hands-on community, we have the opportunity to be the prototype for the rest of Nassau County and for the Legislature, to work together, regardless of party affiliation. I am going to reach out to all of my fellow legislators and attempt to work with them. If they will do likewise, I will be happy, even when my point of view does not win out. I may not be happy with the result but I will be happy that the process is working.”

In addition to paying special attention to remaining bipartisan, Solages outlined four particular goals he has for District 3 residents. The first, he said, is to ensure the restoration of proper police services. Solages has gone on record about his opposition to re-elected County Executive Ed Mangano’s police precinct consolidation and said he will continue to work towards getting them, the precincts, restored. Solages’ second goal is to broaden the sense of community to foster economic and social improvement of the District. Thirdly, Solages said he wants to maintain a high level of transparency regarding his representation.

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