Solages focuses on bipartisanship upon return to seat

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“[I want to] make sure the people of the District are well informed,” Solages said, “as to what is on the legislative agenda, what the issues are, how I plan to address those issues and what the Legislature does to address both the problems and opportunities that present themselves.”

The fourth goal Solages has is to encourage constructive community meetings and organizations aimed at brainstorming ideas for an improved District.

Solages acknowledged that the Legislature’s loss of a Democratic seat following the election will not affect matters that require a majority vote, but would have been more conducive towards discussion had the party presence been more evenly divided. He also expressed a willingness to help the four first-time legislators elected last week across the County — Democrats Laura Curran and Ellen Birnbaum and Republicans Laura Schaefer and Donald MacKenzie — and reiterated the importance of being able to reach across the aisle. While it is understandable new legislators will take some time to learn how to execute their new roles efficiently, he said, their respective communities will benefit from fresh ideas.

“New people in the legislature are its lifeblood for the future,” Solages said. “Hopefully, [it] can help us break away from the gridlock that has recently prevented reasonable cooperation across party lines.”

Although Solages has been vocal in his criticism of Mangano’s handling of business at the top, he, Solages, said that the County executive’s re-election will not be a deterrent to working with Republicans for public interest.

“Things will get done if all of the legislators recognize their sworn obligation and work together,” he said. “When decisions are made, we must move on and not stagnate with bickering. We must be creative and honest in addressing the needs of the County, and we must call in the proper expertise for advice when that advice is needed.”

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