City Council OKs Ice Arena renovations


The City Council voted at its Nov. 8 meeting to approve a $320,000 project to renovate the locker rooms and bathrooms at the Recreation Center’s Ice Arena, which officials said are in dire need of repairs.

The city hired East Coast Construction, Inc. — the sole responsible bidder — to demolish and reconstruct the men’s and women’s bathrooms and locker rooms, the plumbing system, heating and air conditioning system, electric system, ceiling and fixtures.

City Manager Jack Schnirman said the funding would be provided through the 2017-18 capital improvement plan that the council approved in May.

“We’re really excited about this,” Council Vice President Anthony Eramo said. “The bathrooms are pretty atrocious at this point, and as we encourage folks to come and play hockey here — which we are a hockey town — having those bathrooms redone will be great for everybody.”

Public Works Commissioner John Mirando said that because there are four sets of bathrooms and locker rooms, one would be kept open at a time and the Ice Arena would remain open during construction.

The work, which is expected to begin in three to four weeks, Mirando said, would take about six months to complete. He added that the ventilation in the bathrooms and locker rooms would significantly improve.

“This will, according to the recreation people, help add people wanting to use the facility for a fee, which will increase the income at that facility,” Mirando said.