Hewlett Happenings

Beginning her last high school year


The alarm clock buzzed. Its echoing vibration alluded to the epiphany that summer was over and school was here yet again. My summer, well spent as a counselor at sleep-away camp, had so quickly faded as September crept up on us all. Like many others, I already find myself in denial; or perhaps this year, it’s “senioritis” kicking in a bit too early.

The first day of school was accompanied by a myriad of divergent emotions. I struggled, along with my friends, to transition mentally with the thought that those long yet pleasant days under the hot sun had come to a close. Late nights with my campers and my lighthearted leaps into the shimmering lake seem to be all but a distant memory.

Then the school bell rang. I, along all with other students and teachers, became overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and elation. Somehow those summertime blues had been replaced with the realization that new opportunities and experiences are underway. The first day this year was blatantly different from the first day of school in the past. This was my last first day of high school. Understanding this, reality seemed simply absurd.

Until the moment I walked through the doors, the freshly installed new doors, I hadn’t thought much about how quickly I have grown up. I glanced at my best friend, fellow senior Briana Mastronardi, reminiscing about the time we walked through those doors together freshmen year. Instantly, tears of pride and astonishment fell from our eyes. This was a memorable moment of acceptance for me.

“The first day of school was simply bitter sweet,” Mastronardi said as she reflected on that memory. “It was extremely exciting to see all my classmates but upsetting to know this will be our last year together. Overall, I’m anxious to see what’s to come of this year, especially concerning college.”

After all, they say college fever spreads rapidly, and for reasons unbeknownst to myself, I’m eager to catch the symptoms.

Alongside my senior classmates, I am excited to lead the way as a role model for the younger students. I am confident that the incoming freshmen will make a significant contribution to the school spirit, as they adjust to their new environment.

Moreover, the sophomores and juniors undoubtedly have a hectic but rewarding year ahead. And this year, not only are the students experiencing feelings of anxiety and anticipation, but our new principal, Dr. Theodore Fulton, is enduring similar feelings. It’s comforting to know we are all in this together.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to fathom the fact that my final chapter in high school is about to begin. But I’m ready to turn the page and make this year extraordinary.