Budgeting for a role in the theater

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The biggest challenge for Kalikow was budgeting, which cost around $700,000 to produce and sustain a show. “I’m new to publicity,” Kalikow said. “I’ve never been on the asking side of money for a show. When I first saw the budget numbers for my first show, I almost fell off my chair.”
Rosemary’s son Brett Kalikow, a Harvard Law School student, who is graduating this year, helped cultivate her ability to raise money. “You have to understand the principle behind fundraising,” Brett said. “This isn’t asking people to throw away money but to invest it in a project worth believing. To invest in an off-Broadway project isn’t something you do every day.”
As the show finishes rehearsing for its opening night on Feb. 18, Kalikow is pleased with its progress and message. “It finds the humor in a bad situation, helps in rediscovering self and feeling empowered,” Kalikow said. “This show is not male-bashing or mean spirited. It’s meant to help women. I have a sense of what appeals to masses of American women.”
The show opens on Feb. 18 at the DR2 Theatre in Union Square, Manhattan. To purchase tickets, call (212) 239-6200 or visit the website: www.tildivorcethemusical.com.

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