Cedarhurst will not raise taxes

Village passes $5.3 million budget


Cedarhurst Mayor Andrew Parise said the village would not be raising taxes this year.

Parise added that the village operates with federal, state and county grants, as well as private donations. “I’m quite proud of our village and administration,” he said. “My motto is to keep the money in the taxpayer’s pocket, not in the village treasury and we’ve been able to do that.”

The Village of Cedarhurst’s 2013-’14 budget is $5,322,074, with a tax levy set at $1,573,620. According to Trustee and Budget Officer Ron Lanzilotta, Cedarhurst continues to maintain one of the lowest tax rates of the 64 villages in Nassau County.

Parise said the average homeowner in Cedarhurst pays $400 annually for the various services the village provides including fire, ambulance and traffic. “It’s a bargain to live in this village because of the huge list of services homeowner’s get,” he said. “Myself and those who sit on the board pay taxes like everyone else so we’re careful how we handle it. We’re going to continue what we’ve been doing.”