Completing the Chabad of Hewlett Torah


Writing the last letters, musical entertainment, dancing, a buffet lunch and activities and crafts for children helped mark the completion of a Torah writing project that began a year ago.

At the new home of Chabad of Hewlett on Franklin Avenue, group and community members joined together to celebrate on Jan. 27.

“Completing a Torah is very special, but it is more than that,” said Rabbi Nochem Tenenboim, leader of Chabad of Hewlett. “It is part of our history, especially in our community where we welcome everybody from the Hewlett community.”

The Torah writing began at Chabad of Hewlett’s small storefront headquarters on Broadway in Hewlett, then a majority of it was done in Israel, now it returned to Chabad House to be finished under the guidance of Brooklyn-based Torah scribe Rabbi Moshe Klein.