H-W adopts budget, reinstates adult education and discovery

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In addition to restoring the eighth-grade Discovery lunch lab and most of the adult education courses, the Board of Education also managed to save one teacher aide and one teaching position at Franklin Early Childhood Center, one teacher assistant at Ogden Elementary School, and one clerical position at Hewlett Elementary. The board also voted to set aside $10,000 for CPR training for Hewlett High School seniors, as well as $10,000 to fund a calendar option that would be mailed to residents in the district, which are included in the adopted budget.

"We always talk about small things that will have ripple effects down the road," Trustee Scott McInnes said about CPR certification. "Our students could save someone's life."

John Roblin attended the Wednesday night meeting in hopes that the Board of Education would restore the eighth-grade Discovery lunch lab. His son, Nate, attends the program after he returns from taking accelerated math at the high school. “I’m happy they approved it because kids would be bored without Discovery,” he said. “I hope the community comes out and passes the budget.”

Ellie Goldberg, who was a school board trustee 10 years ago, told the current trustees that she understands they are in a tough position and that the needs of the entire community should be incorporated into the budget. “They have a difficult job,” Goldberg said, “but they can’t forget the whole community, or it will come back to bite them.”

The budget vote and school board elections will take place on May 21 from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. at the Woodmere Education Center, 1 Johnson Place, Woodmere.

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