Laughing out loud at the Chabad Café


Comedian Joel Chasnoff mixed personal anecdotes with his keen observational humor focused on the absurdity of modern American life to entertain the crowd at the Chabad Café of the Chabad of the Greater Five Towns on Jan. 5.

Described as “not your grandfather’s Jewish comedian,” Chasnoff is considered a 180° turn from the Borscht Belt comics of old. His smart, witty and hilarious comedy has amused diverse audiences ranging from U.S. Marines in Okinawa to Lubavitch rebbes.

Dairy pasta, salads and sushi were served, and the night time event was chaired by Josh and Naomi Abehsera, Victor and Chana Braverman, Ranon and Rachel Bruckenstein, Adam and Sarit Kramer and Moti and Elke Probkevitz.