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Wednesday, May 25, 2016
Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook
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Taxpayers shouldn’t pay to defend Silver

To the Editor:
I was shocked to learn that taxpayer money had been used by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to keep two female staffers of Democratic Assemblyman Vito Lopez from going public with accusations of sexual abuse by Lopez.
Silver, as required by legislative law, should have reported Lopez to the legislative Ethics Committee for investigation. He did not. Instead, he paid out hush money and had the women sign confidentiality agreements to keep it all secret to protect a fellow Democrat. Now he’s being sued by two more Lopez staffers because they were abused after Silver failed to take action on the original charges — so now, even more taxpayer money will be spent to help defend Silver.
Since he violated the rules and laws of his elected position and the Assembly, why should we, the taxpayers, pay for his defense? The attorney he chose, with the approval of State Controller Thomas DiNapoli, will cost taxpayers $500 an hour. It’s long overdue for term limits, and Sheldon should be the first to go.

Steve Grogan


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Dear Mr. Santino,

Don't lie about your record on the outfall pipe. If you only decided you were against it once most of Bay Park was covered in raw sewage after Hurricane Sandy, be honest about it. From the March 2008 Herald, Mr. Santino said: "Rather than shutting down the plants in Lawrence and Cedarhurst, and spending, by some estimates, $15 million to build a pipe ... that money can be used to rebuild a plant in Lawrence and Cedarhurst."

The fact of the matter is that Santino obstructed the outfall pipe's construction for as long as he could, because he felt the $15 million was better spent on patronage jobs in Lawrence and Cedarhurst than on protecting the residents of Bay Park from unspeakable filth. Now that the direct consequence of his actions has been felt, he would like to rewrite history and pretend he was an advocate of the outfall pipe all along. This dishonesty cannot go unrecognized.

Source: March 6 2008 Herald:


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