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Perhaps this is what an administration supportive of expanding charter schools wants. Despite their strong support and positive press, the average charter school performance saw a decline (51 percent) that was even more drastic than the average public school (34 percent). Imagine how much better all of our children could be doing if resources hadn’t been diverted from our locally-controlled public schools by our politicians, policy makers and educational leaders and given to privately managed (some for profit) charter schools.

It’s time for all parents and supporters of quality public schools to tell our representatives to stop playing games with our children. They deserve better.

Keith Gamache, East Rockaway


The high cost of higher education

To the Editor:
I found Scott Brinton’s column “We could learn a lot from Finnish schools” (Aug. 22-28) to be very informative.

It appears Finland has a high-quality, free education system, from day care to college. I hope President Obama reads Brinton’s column, since he constantly stresses higher education but doesn’t address the high cost. I listened to his recent talk at Binghamton University on C-Span, and I believe he said students take out many loans to fund their education because they don’t know any better. I would love to know what he meant by that.

Also, why do we have so many foreign students enter our universities? It would also be interesting to know what foreign journalists are writing about our education system.
I always enjoy reading Brinton’s column and the many others in the Herald.

Alice Cammiso , Merrick

Stop playing political games

To the Editor:

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