Nassau Herald welcomes new editor


On June 28, I officially became the editor of the Nassau Herald , and I am in the process of learning much more about the Five Towns coverage area than you can from Wikipedia.

It has been a hectic first two weeks as I jumped in from graduation week to a holiday week. Walking and driving through the communities this newspaper covers has been


Though I ‘m new to the coverage area, I ‘m not new to journalism having covered the western south shore of Suffolk County for three community weeklies for nearly a decade and written for several other publications and Internet sites.

Those communities akin to the Five Towns boasts many residents, municipal and school district officials who are concerned about where they live and work and seek to solve problems to make their communities better.

I look forward to bringing those stories to life and meeting many of you whot have stories to tell and would like to share them with your neighbors.

Already, I have met Martin Oliner, the newly elected mayor of the Village of Lawrence, and his wife, Reva. I appreciated their insights and hope to have similar conversations with other area mayors and officials in the near future.

Community journalism is a bit different than the journalism practiced by larger metropolitan and national newspapers. This newspaper n effect ives in the community and while we will cover serious issues, we also will cover the light- hearted features, the neighbor makes good stories and all those moments of life that should be remembered.

The Nassau Herald has a great tradition of covering the Five Towns and I look forward to continuing it. Please don’t hesitate to either e-mail me at or call (516) 569-4000 ext. 201.