PCC director: we're ahead of the curve

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Last September, PCC opened a satellite mental health clinic at a federally qualified health center in Roosevelt, which allows staffers to use the method of “integrated care” more effectively. Integrated care increases the collaboration between medical services that individuals receive from primary care professionals and behavioral health, mental health or addiction services that organizations like PCC offer. The new location in Roosevelt houses both primary and specialty medical services as well as the recent addition of PCC, which makes treating patients more efficient. Kastan said there would be more usage of integrated care in the future.

As more people have come to PCC for treatment, state funding has decreased. Kastan said PCC’s reimbursements through the state’s Medicaid program has decreased by about $1 million in the last four years, in addition to cuts that have been made, or will possibly be made in the near future, by the federal government and Nassau County.

Kastan said PCC gets great support from the Five Towns Community Chest, the United Way of Long Island and individual donors to help make up the costs. “As a not-for-profit that’s been in this community for 100 years we’re determined to keep doing it,” he said of PCC’s quality treatment programs, “but it isn’t easy.”

“For the past 100 years our community has been fortunate to house the largest non-profit community health center in Nassau County,” said Bob Block, executive director of the Community Chest. “Their top notch services are available for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. The Board of Directors is proud to support the fine work of the PCC, yesterday, today and tomorrow.”

As a way to treat more patients while being conscious of decreasing funds, Kastan said the organization might utilize group therapy in the future. “I think PCC is viable and we’re ahead of the curve,” he said.

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