Providing comfort and dreams to kids in need

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Russell, a Manhattan resident, credits the success of her foundation to the connections she’s made in the entertainment industry. Dancing professionally since she was 13, Russell has worked with musicians such as, Ne-Yo, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé and Ashlee Simpson. Last year, she was also nominated for a Grammy for a song she wrote for musician, Miguel called, “Use Me.”

“I’ve travelled the world and had the opportunity to do what a lot of people don’t get to do,” she said. “But I’m past the point of focusing on myself. I want to help others and give them the chance to pursue their dream.”

Valerie Perrotta, a resource room teacher at the Brandeis School in Lawrence and cheerleading and softball coach at Lawrence High School, has been friends with Russell since their days at Lawrence Middle School. “It was another proud moment when Nicole started her foundation and is yet another way she proved how amazing she really is,” Perrotta said. “Nicole’s focus turned from her career and her dreams to helping children who may never have a chance to fulfill their dreams and I wish nothing but the best for Nicole in the future. I hope that her success thus far continues throughout her lifetime and I know that she will accomplish anything she sets her mind to.”

Russell’s future plans include taking her foundation worldwide and increasing awareness about foster children. “I had parents who believed in me and I can’t imagine having a dream but having no one there to tell me it was possible,” she said. “I want to let the world know that there are millions of children being raised with no one and it only takes one person for a child to grow and become successful.”

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