Reading the summer away at Peninsula Public Library


Though vacationing is the activity that most people take part in during the summer, a close second is the reading program at Peninsula Public Library as 300 children signed up and 80 completed it and handed in their book logs, according to Children’s Librarian Carolynn Matulewicz at the end of summer party on Aug. 29.

Top readers this summer included Marium Bukhari, sixth grade, who read 12,081 pages in 49 books; Asma Rasheed, fifth grade, 11,024 pages in 51 books; Ari Blum, fourth grade, 8,572 pages in 83 books; Stacy Portillo, seventh grade, 8,479 pages in 24 books and Dua Bukhari, first grade, 7,043 pages in 118 books. Portillo was a top reader last year.

Overall, there were 22 programs for summer reading and early literacy, including toddlers and preschool-age children. Total attendance at all the programs amounted to more than 600 kids and adults/caregivers, Matulewicz said. “We are so proud of all our readers,” she said.