Relocation problems persist

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A work in progress

High school students accustomed to leaving campus for lunch have other options. The district brought in Fasullo’s Famous, the Massapequa-based food service truck, to accommodate them. “The food truck doesn’t sell healthy food, and the placement of the middle school doesn’t make it appealing to go and find food,” said senior Shana Mireku, adding that she wanted healthier options, like wraps or cold cuts.

“It is borderline acceptable — definitely not good, but edible,” said senior Ben Breban.

“The food truck is actually great,” Caceres said. “The burgers are mad good and it isn’t pricey at all. You can get a cheeseburger with fries for $5. That’s a great deal.”

At the Number Five School, classes use the auditorium for instruction, and a fifth-grade class is using the school’s library. Books are distributed to students on a cart.

Finding space at both schools for phys. ed., ensuring that special needs students receive the services they require and making enough room for all the teachers and administrators is a continuing challenge. “Every day,” said Tracy Ward, a fifth-grade teacher, “is a work in progress.”

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