‘See something, say something’

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Warmflash added that in his 35 years as a rabbi, the worst incident he has seen was an act of vandalism. “I have no reason to believe that there’s anyone out there who means us any harm,” he said. “However, this is something we take seriously. It’s a vulnerable time.”

Robin Roland Levy, of the Manhattan-based Anti-Defamation League, which was founded to promote fair treatment of the Jewish people and to fight prejudice against them, said that the organization recommends that religious institutions establish procedures for controlling access to community facilities and ensure that staff members are familiar with security protocols.

Capt. Danny Gluck, commanding officer of the Nassau County Auxiliary Police’s 4th Precinct South Unit, which serves the Five Towns, Oceanside, Island Park, Point Lookout and Lido Beach, said that auxiliary police cars would be stationed at synagogues throughout the Five Towns and the county during the High Holy Days. “Be alert,” he advised residents.

“We’re always out there,” added Diane LauKaitis, deputy inspector of the county’s Auxiliary Police. “Watch for anything out of the ordinary.”

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