The Five Towns survives Nemo

After storm there was clean up then play


The Five Towns survived Winter Storm Nemo with minimal problems as power outages were few, clean up was done, and then some played in the snow. Nearly a foot of snow was dumped in the area.

Nearly a foot of snow was dumped on the South Shore Nassau County communities and there were gusting winds up to 50 mph. 

Less than five customers lost power in both Hewlett Harbor and Atlantic Beach, and power was restored relatively quickly, according to the Long Island Power Authority.

In the villages of Lawrence, Cedarhurst and Hewlett Harbor, clean up was made easier as crews went out early, around 7 p.m. on Friday, to salt the roads, then later on the plows went into action.

Lawrence Village Administrator Dave Smollett said that since village crews had worked around the clock from Friday night and Saturday to clear the streets. "We went out early," said  Smollett, adding that after the plows were done, the roads were again checked and another layer of salt was laid down.

In Cedarhurst, village workers also began early, before the height of the storm, and remained vigilant. "We had a full crew, including men that worked for the village before and they did a good job," said Mayor Andrew Parise.

Smaller in size than the two other villages, Hewlett Harbor Mayor Mark Weiss said he and his Board of Trustees made the decision to begin clean up early to avoid any problems later on. "We are concerned about our residents being able to get out and emergency vehicles being able to access the roads," Weiss said.

After the storm residents could be seen shoveling, snow plowing  snowmen and in one case, skiing across Andrew J. Parise Cedarhurst Park.

About nine inches of snow was reported in North Woodmere by resident Blasia Baum. Emily Hagen in Woodmere reported close to 10 incjes of snow.

"The roads are cleared and the snow is melting," said Cedarhurst resident and Lawrence High School senior Nicole Bae reported that the roads in her area were clear by early Saturday afternon. "I heard the plow come through round 12 a.m.," she said.