Spreading Easter's joy forever

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teachings, but for many reasons do not come back to worship, serve, contribute, or share their spiritual gifts. Some tell me life is just too complicated; they are worn out from work and responsibilities; they don’t see how the church relates to their lives anymore. In today’s world, many people are baffled about how we can simply trust in God and the promises in the Bible. Or we feel we have no time to keep the Sabbath holy. Looking for Jesus in our lives today is an even greater leap of faith!

Yes, to keep trusting in God and believing in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior is an awesome experience that can seem like a scary journey into the unknown. We do need to pray before our journey, to find that God is nearby, listening, and ready to welcome us. But Jesus Christ is risen, He is risen indeed! May our awesome God grant us the joy of surprise in our Easter journey today, with an abundant riches of God’s love and Hope!

Do remember, regardless of where you are at this point in your faith journey, that God is there for you — even when you have doubts. Let us have a refreshingly happy Easter, trusting in our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ! Let us learn from Mary and spread the good news, that Jesus Christ is Lord for us today, tomorrow and forever. Amen.

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