Hewlett Happeings

Students having a busy, exciting time


Hewlett High School is quite an exciting place to be right now. It feels as if there is a different upcoming event, activity, or newsworthy story announced each day. Student schedules are filled with many academic and extracurricular-related activities.

After a long and relaxing vacation school began again on Jan. 2. Whether students traveled to foreign places or stayed home with friends and family, many agreed that the break was enjoyable as it provided the perfect opportunity for the things we crave during the school year, such as sleeping late after staying up late and seeing family members and friends whom we normally do not. Having to wake up at a time when the hour hand on clocks still pointed to a single digit was an arduous transition for many students.

It’s now full speed ahead. Teachers decided when they would administer their midterm exams that will take place within class. The school administration moved away from both a five-day midterm week as well as last year’s abridged three-day version. Although midterms mark a stressful time for Hewlett students as they scramble to recall the material learned in the past months, they also mark a momentous time. The first half of the school year is now over, which means my classmates and I are now one-step closer to graduating and heading to college. We also recently learned about the change in plans regarding our senior prom. Originally scheduled to take place at the Lawrence Yacht & Country Club, the prom will now be at Chateau Briand in Carle Place.

Hewlett students have recently been given different opportunities to not only interact with their peers, but also with students from other high schools. The Robotics Club had its “Roborally” event on Jan. 20 in the high school gym. Team members collaborated with students from other Long Island schools and displayed their talented innovations. Select talented Hewlett High musicians participated in the All-County Music Festival last week and shared their passion for music with other skilled musicians from nearby communities. In addition, the divisional event for Key Club was held on Jan. 17. Hewlett Key Club members enjoyed exchanging ideas and learning from students of the Baldwin and Oceanside Key Clubs.

Hewlett High has also been in the news recently. The school went into lockdown on Jan. 18. An anonymous note claimed a student was allegedly in possession of a gun. Students, teachers and school staff were ultimately safe and secure, but many experienced feelings of fear and anxiety as police cars swarmed the school. Freshman James Bae had the opportunity to audition for the popular TV show, “American Idol.” Unfortunately, he did not move onto the next level. Hewlett students were thrilled to watch and support their peer as he performed on television and even embraced in a hug with Nicki Minaj.

This Monday’s day off was definitely well deserved. It was a chance to reflect on all that has recently happened within the high school’s halls and relax after putting in so much hard work into our academics, activities, and clubs. Given that there is no February vacation this year, Hewlett students and teachers have even more of a reason to look forward to the break during the month of March, when perhaps it will be a bit calmer.