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The Tattler’s efforts were rewarded


Sometimes it’s hard to realize how much dedication you put into something until you actually see your efforts pay off. Most members of the Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway’s online school newspaper The Tattler would agree that it’s easy to lose track of the hours spent writing, editing and publishing articles.

Sitting in the ballroom with my Tattler colleagues on March 12 at Adelphi University that presets the awards none of us could believe that a year had passed since we won first place for online newspaper at last year’s awards ceremony! But we did know one thing — we had brought the same passion as the previous year.

Attending the conference were editors-in-chief Katie Glickman and Sam Levinson and staff members Chaviva Freedman, Jonathan Gliboff, Atara Hubert, Yonina Keschner Daniel Maron, Sara Scheidlinger, Daniella Seelenfreund and me accompanied by faculty advisor Karen Wolf.

The conference began with a panel discussion among 10 reporters and journalists who shared their opinions and experiences about major news stories that take on a life of their own. Termed “spectacles” the stories discussed were the Trayvon Martin shooting, the O.J. Simpson trial, and the Super Bowl. The panelists also offered insight and words of advice regarding journalism. We then split off into smaller discussions groups, enjoyed a nice lunch, which then culminated in the awards ceremony.

As the moderator of the panel, an Adelphi University professor, began the awards PowerPoint, I exchanged a nervous glance at my friends Katie and Sam. We all knew that standing out among 30 other schools from Nassau and Suffolk counties would be difficult, but nonetheless we had high hopes, thanks to encouragement from our faculty advisor and our principals Naomi Lippman and Rabbi Gedaliah Oppen.

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