The fate of Number Six

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To mitigate traffic in the immediate area, explained Benjamin Weinstock, the attorney representing Simone, the only entrances and exits would be on Peninsula and Branch boulevards, not Church Avenue or Ibsen Street, which are residential streets. “The residential side will be heavily landscaped,” Weinstock said.

The ball fields and other recreational space would be paved over to create an estimated 360 parking spaces. The playground would remain either in its present location or be moved. The process of acquiring the necessary use permits and a parking variance from the Town of Hempstead could take up to 10 months, Weinstock said.

The building also needs to be cleaned of mold. “It will be fully remediated and taken care of in compliance within environmental guidelines,” said Weinstock, adding that informational meetings for residents will be held in the community beginning in mid-February.

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