Tighter gun control will save children's lives

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If Congress is intransigent and the president can’t get a law passed, then isn’t it up to us to demand the banning of assault rifles, to push for background checks? We the people can make sure we support candidates who promise to fight for gun control.

We can also support outside groups like Americans for Responsible Solutions in their efforts. I heard Kelly speak last year about the life his wife has lived since she and six others were shot at a campaign rally in Arizona. He was careful to say that he and his wife have no problem with guns in the hands of appropriate owners. He said that the mission of Americans for Responsible Solutions is to ban assault weapons and create solid background checks for prospective gun owners.

If any one of us knew that the next victim of a shooting would be our child or grandchild, wouldn’t we be moved to act? Faced with 30 shooting deaths a day across the country, is surrender to the gun lobby really the appropriate action?

We must do what we can do. Write to our own senators and representatives. Support Americans for Responsible Solutions (P.O. Box 15642, Washington, D.C. 20003; info@americansforresponsible-solutions.org). Tell the parents of Newtown that we stand with them and all victims of gun violence.

If we believe the self-evident truth that potential killers with guns in their hands are plotting against our children, shouldn’t we be marching on Washington, demanding action? No one can know for sure that a loved one will be lucky enough to dodge the next bullet.

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