A taste of the world at Hewlett Elementary


There were tantalizing portions of food from Argentina, Chile, China, Greece, Ireland, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Nepal, Puerto Rico and the Ukraine, made by the parents of the children at Hewlett Elementary School.

Raffle prizes begged to be won, the Hewlett High School Step Squad and several Hewlett Elementary students performed and then 24 children representing Haiti, Ireland, India, Israel, Jamaica, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Panama, the Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico and the Ukraine paraded on stage and onto a runway wearing clothes native to those countries during the fashion show.

All of these activities, along with a DJ, beaming parents and proud teachers, including HES Principal Colleen O’Hara and Assistant Principal John Frias made up the Hewlett school’s inaugural International Fashion, Food and Friendship Gala on May 13. School officials hope to make it an annual event.