Hewlett Happenings

Early decision anxiety, winter sports under way


Nail biting, sweaty hands, a feeling of pure anxiety and anticipation in your gut, unfortunately a high school senior knows these emotions all too well. Accompanied by screams and tears of delight or disappointment, this is the time of year: Early Action and Decision letters are being received.

Hewlett High School seniors, like many across the nation, began to learn of the results of their Early Action and Decision applications in the first weeks of December. SUNY Binghamton, in particular, has released more than a dozen acceptance letters to Hewlett seniors and we could not be more ecstatic.

Yet, as December continues to progress, students cannot choke back their anticipation as the rest of the mid-December decisions are just days away.

The Ivies, top liberal arts colleges and multiple other universities are all preparing to send out letters — we all wait with nerves on edge and excitement.

However, not all Bulldogs are waiting on a decision. Three of our top athletes have signed letters of intent with their future schools. Zoe Superville, a nationally ranked fencer, has signed with Duke University and Alex Vardaro and Gavin Adler, both acclaimed lacrosse players, have signed with Princeton University and Cornell University, respectively.

Winter sports heat up

Hewlett winter athletes are kicking into gear, as their season gets under way. The winter sports season is most anticipated among the student body because of the basketball season. The high school’s men and women’s varsity basketball players have the annual opportunity to live with Danish students for a day.

November 29 started off like any other day at Hewlett High, but by fourth period, that began to change. All the Hewlett basketball athletes, who volunteered to accompany a Dane, went about their schedules, the only difference being that a Danish student athlete was by their side.

At first sight, these tall, blue-eyed teenagers seem a little intimidating, however after chatting with them about life and other aspects of being a teen, we realized that we have a lot more in common with them than we thought. After the school day, Hewlett’s men’s and women’s varsity teams played a friendly game against the Danish men and women teams.

Hewlett staff and student body are also impatiently await the winter break. Whether folks will be vacationing, staying home with family and friends, or completing all our projects and papers, students will make the most out of their vacation, as they see fit.

Ultimately, the winter season has a lot to offer. Whether it is college decisions, winter sports, or vacations, the Bulldogs are ready to take on the cold.