Lawrence Middle School auditorium renovations underway


As part of a projected $1.3 million capital improvement project the auditorium in now what is called the Broadway Campus building that houses both Lawrence Elementary School — grades three to five — and Lawrence Middle School — grades six to eight — is being refurbished.

The old seats have been removed, the floor is undergoing preliminary prep work and the wall was cut for the new sound booth that is being built, said Assistant Superintendent for Business and Operations Jeremy Feder.

In addition, the stage rigging is coming down along with the stage curtains, Feder said. The new sound and lighting equipment and seats are on order as is the flooring. The roof work will be done depending on the weather for the air conditioning system being installed. The stage steps were removed and will be replaced for improved access, he added.

“We want to keep the ambiance of the old auditorium,” Feder said, while upgrading to state-of-the-art amenities. “The windows are unique and the ante room (the space between the lobby and the main auditorium) will have new wallpaper and carpet.”

With the auditorium work expected to be completed next September, the music departments of Lawrence High School and the middle school have been coordinating use of the high school auditorium, Feder said.

The cupola and bell on top of the building that was originally built in 1936 and served as the high school until the early 1960s, will be replaced. It is coming down on Jan. 15, Feder said. The original cupola and bell will be placed on display.