LWA Antics

Using those helping hands to whip pediatric cancer


One of the many causes that we support at Lawrence Woodmere Academy is pediatric cancer. The Helping Hands club, the school’s service learning program, initiated a schoolwide event to collect funds to be donated to Whip Pediatric Cancer that helps to fund research at Sloan Memorial Kettering Cancer Center.

Club treasurer Lilli Albucker, introduced the ideas as she and her family are familiar with pediatric cancer. The disease affects a friend. Lilli and I asked the club members what they thought, and to our surprise, sadly, too many people that we know have been affected by cancer.

Being something that we were all passionate about, we decided to extend the fundraiser to all three LWA divisions. We distributed golden hearts to be decorated and then hung from the mezzanine in the school library. The hearts cost $5 each and came with a bracelet, and we raised $550.

The effect of the fundraiser on our school was much more than just educational; it also brought people with similar stories together. Having such a close community, students, teachers, and faculty were able to share stories with one another, and bond over doing something charitable.

Michelle Cicillini, an English teacher at LWA and one of the club’s advisors, believes that this fundraiser shows how LWA supports not only each other, but also our community. “It is an honor to work with such inspirational young people,” Cicillini said. “All three divisions collaborated to raise awareness about pediatric cancer. It was definitely a schoolwide effort, reflecting the collaborative nature of our community.”

The Helping Hands Club continues to strive for change and to be “at home with the world.” LWA prides itself on its family-like community and will continue to come together to support others in need.

Go to whippediatriccancer.org, to help.