Picking up the pieces in Inwood

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At Sobol’s Distributors on Sheridan Boulevard in Inwood, manager Mohammad Mian said that business has been slower than usual since the store reopened two weeks after the hurricane. “Usually at Christmastime we’re pretty busy, but I don’t think there were many Christmas parties this year because of Sandy,” he said. “You don’t see many houses that are decorated, either. Sandy made everyone broke.”

Sarnelli and her husband, Ben, are still waiting for a settlement offer from their insurance company. They were denied assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency because they have flood insurance. “We’ve been paying for all the work we’ve been doing out of pocket, and it’s draining our savings,” she said. “It took $15,000 just to get back in the house.”

Two weeks before Christmas, the Sarnellis were able to return to their home, and began repairing the first floor. “I don’t think we’ll be done for two or three more months,” she said. “It’s an overwhelming sadness, but everyone’s in the same boat. You start again, and life goes on.”

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