‘By far the best aspect of my job’

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As a result, Rousseau, who first learned about SCS while he was completing his fellowship at Mt. Sinai Hospital, and Santo now exemplify the essence of a doctor-patient relationship.

Santo, who said she can sleep more comfortably and was finally able to go on vacation to Las Vegas this year said the procedure helped her turn her life around and get back to the way it was prior to the progressive pain.

“The biggest difference is being able to walk,” she said, “[and] do house work. I’m very grateful for [Rousseau].”

“It is extremely gratifying to help someone like Arlene turn her life around,” Rousseau, who lives in Huntington, said. “To see someone who had very poor quality of life now enjoying her daily activities and functioning at a much higher level is by far the best aspect of my job.”

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