F.S. School District to receive 4.7% state aid


In a significant turnaround of the governor’s January proposal, Franklin Square School District will receive a 4.7 percent increase in state aid in its budget for 2013-14. Initially, it had been proposed by the governor that aid for Franklin Square would be reduced by $90,000 from the nearly $6.5 million the district received in 2012-13.

The increase is part of a collective and additional $121 million being awarded to Long Island schools for 2013-14. The governor’s proposal to reduce high tax aid would have caused Long Island schools to lost more than $40 million more than any other region in New York.

Before the amount of state aid to be allocated was determined last week, Superintendent Patrick Manley said that he had spoken to representatives in the Senate and Assembly and he was hopeful that high aid would be restored.

“We appreciate the hard work of our local legislators to restore high tax aid and secure additional aid for Long Island school districts,” Manley said this week.