F.S. resident to challenge town supervisor


Felix Procacci, a 15-year resident of Franklin Square, was nominated on May 28 to run on the Democratic ticket for Town of Hempstead supervisor against Republican incumbent Kate Murray in November.

Procacci, 51, a registered Republican, told the Herald that he will base his campaign on a platform of providing greater transparency in town government, something he says is lacking in the current administration.

Murray, the first woman elected to the position, has been in office since 2003.

Procacci, a computer programmer who lives with his wife, Lily, daughter Katherine, 12, and son Kenneth, 9, said that it is important that people look past his occupation when they decide whether he has enough experience to challenge Murray. He said that he has been to more than 60 town board hearings and civic association meetings over the past three years, and describes himself as an influential member of the community. He is a member of the Elmont East-End Civic Association, and has spoken at other towns’ meetings, including Uniondale and South Floral Park.

Procacci said he believes that current town board members need to be more open to residents’ ideas and opinions. “I want honestly and transparency,” he said. “I’m not a dictator. I [would] just have to be accountable to the people. I’m not going to do like she does. There’s no accountability for what [town board members] do. I want to pressure her to answer [resident concerns] even if I don’t win.”

The challenger said he would like town meetings to be broadcast online, and for residents to know where, exactly, town budget money is going. He suspects that the town is hiding those numbers, primarily through “midyear corrections” that manipulate records.

“[The town] doesn’t comment on budget items,” Procacci said. “Where is administrative-charged money going? They don’t show amended numbers. I would post yearly audits online.”

Murray responded in a statement to the Herald that she is focused on making the Town of Hempstead a better place to live and work, and is looking forward to running against Procacci. She said that residents should look at her administration’s successes and track record.

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