F.S. school board delivers final summer updates


As Franklin Square School District prepares to open the doors of its four elementary schools for the 2013-14 year, the summer’s final board meeting on Aug. 14 revealed that it has remained busy.

Superintendent of Schools Patrick Manley declared that summer recreation was very successful and that the afternoon programs were highly attended. The Intense Support Program, designed for special-needs students, was also declared a success and school buildings were being finalized for their openings.

Manley also told the Herald that later in the school year, fourth and fifth-graders will be using iPads to further enhance the learning experience. The iPads will be provided by schools and will be put into use after teachers have had what Manley referred to as professional development. That development will focus on the use of the new-school technology as a learning tool.

Manley said that the major new initiative this year will be the implementation of a pre-kindergarten program in each school. Each of the four schools will have a morning and afternoon session and will be applicable to students who are 4-years-old or will be 4 by December. Also in place, Manley said, is an upgraded network and wireless infrastructure for improved connectivity throughout the school district.

District-wide staff updates include two resignations, one leave of absence, five probationary teachers, two leave replacement teachers, seven permanent substitute teachers, two civil service permanent appointments, two civil service probationary appointments, reappointment of 22 permanent per diem substitute teachers, five permanent per diem substitute teachers, seven per diem substitute teachers and three per diem substitutes.

The next regularly scheduled board meeting will be held on Sept. 10 at the Washington Street School. Public session will convene at 8 p.m.