Local school chiefs content with state aid figures

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“This year’s state aid allocations will allow the district to continue to provide the outstanding academic education that our children deserve,” Harper told the Herald, “as well as continue its posture of being fiscally responsible to the community residents. We would like to thank all of our local legislators for working hard in Albany for the children of the Elmont community.”

Franklin Square School District will receive nearly $7 million in aid, which is an increase of approximately 6 percent of the aid it has received in the current school year. The district — comprised of Washington Street, Pole Street and John Street Schools — was projected to receive $150,000 in additional aid under the governor’s proposal, but will receive more than $359,000. Superintendent of Schools Patrick Manley said that that amount of aid is sufficient enough to keep the status quo with regard to programs and staff.

“We are appreciative of the aid increase [because] it allows us to maintain all current programs and staff while adhering to the tax levy cap legislation,” he said. “We know our elected officials worked tirelessly to provide additional support to school districts on Long Island. We value their support and look forward to continuing our partnership to provide the best education available while minimizing tax increases.”

In separate statements, Martins said he was pleased that the state budget was able to deliver higher-than-expected funding that will benefit each community.

“This state aid will help the district[s] educate children while easing the burden on local taxpayers,” he said.

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