Mangano pledges brighter future for Nassau

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Mangano held true to that message, D’Amato said, which is why he believes the county executive was re-elected in a landslide the second time around. “He cut the cost of government,” D’Amato said. “He refused to raise taxes. He created public-private partnerships that benefitted residents and our quality of life.”

After taking the oath of office on an electronic bible, Mangano cited his accomplishments of the last four years. He said Nassau no longer holds the distinction as the highest taxed county in the United States, but there is still more work to do.

Mangano cited efforts to “put Nassau County on a diet” by trimming the workforce by 20 percent, reducing the vehicle fleet and making county facilities more energy efficient. He thanked his department heads for their cost-saving initiatives.

He said there is much to look forward to in the next four year including the opening of new twin ice rinks at Eisenhower Park and the redevelopment of Nassau Coliseum.

Mangano, who worked his way through law school as a janitor, said he was “humbled and honored” to be sworn in as county executive for a second time, and thanked voters for giving him another term.

“Today in Nassau County we certainly have much to be proud of, and I hope you are,” he said. “The future here in Nassau County is bright.”

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