Letter to the Editor

Senator Cruz is a hero, Al


To the Editor:

Regarding Al D’Amato’s column “It’s time to unite before it’s too late” in the Oct. 10-16 Herald, and his lack of support for Republicans such as Ted Cruz, who, as D’Amato sees it, are causing problems: These Republicans are not the problem! They are heroic!

Surely, as a former Town of Hempstead official, practicing attorney, Catholic and former U.S. senator, D’Amato must be aware that President Obama is a radical who is bound and determined to “fundamentally transform America,” the American people’s constitutional republic, into his imperial presidency. The Republicans D’Amato so quickly condemns are trying to save us from this disaster.

President Obama, by his words and deeds — shoving Obamacare down our throats; his attack on organized religion, particularly the Catholic Church; his assault on the Bill of Rights; his serial, pathological lies; his complete disregard for his oath of office to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”; his use of the IRS to punish his enemies — would lead anyone with a modicum of knowledge about our system of government to believe that the enemy of the republic is not Ted Cruz, but President Obama. Senator Cruz is speaking and acting for a great many Americans, including me.

D’Amato should wake up, because this president is in the process of seizing the purse strings from Congress through the false narrative of default. The senator really should know better.

Donald Walsh

Franklin Square